Mawhinney Logging Area closure


Questions and answers
Why are you closing this area?

The private plantation road network in this area has been damaged by four wheel drives and motor bikes to the extent that it has become unusable for forest operations or fire management. Operational access to the area for fire fighting is critical to ensure proper protection of HQPlantations plantation timber resource, used for local housing construction, and to prevent any fires that might start in Mawhinney LA from spreading to private property or national park.


Rows of pine trees have also been destroyed to make numerous illegal recreation tracks which devalues the timber resource and raises potential environmental issues due to erosion and sediment runoff.

How long will this area be closed?

This is a permanent closure of private property. It will not be reopened to the public.

Does this only apply to motor vehicles (cars, 4WD’s and motor bikes)?

No, the closure applies to everyone including walkers, trail runners, mountain bike riders and horse riders as well as cars, 4WD’s, motor bikes and other recreational vehicles.


Why does it also apply to non-motorised recreation if the closure is a result of damage to roads and trees by vehicles?

There are state forests and national parks nearby that permit these activities, they don’t need to be undertaken on HQPlantations private property.


What if I use roads through this area to access my property?

People in this position will need to find a public access route that does not traverse HQPlantations private property.


It’s a logging area, isn’t it state land?

No, Mawhinney Logging Area is freehold land (private property) and does not form part of HQPlantations Plantation Licence Area issued by the Queensland Government.


Doesn’t the government pay to maintain the roads in this area so the public can use them?

No, the roads on this property are private roads that HQPlantations pays to maintain and repair. HQPlantations does not receive any funds from the government to maintain roads anywhere in the Beerburrum plantation.


Can we go on any powerlines tracks that run through this area?

No, an electricity easement on private property is still private property. Electricity distributors build tracks to access their assets for operational and maintenance and do not consent to the use of these tracks for any public or recreational purposes.


Do you own more private property in the Beerburrum plantation? Will that be closed, too?

HQPlantations owns two other freehold (private) properties  in the Beerburrum plantation, Swains Logging Area and Nikles Logging Area. These may be closed in future if public access adversely impacts our operations, the road network or the environment.


Can we request permission to access this area once it is closed?

Yes, however permission will not be granted for general individual or group recreation. Permission is only likely to be granted to important regional events where traversing this area is critical to the overall course of the event and alternative routes are not available.


What happens if people ignore the signs and barriers?

Surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the area and trespassers risk prosecution.


Where can we go instead?

Responsible recreation is permitted on many trails and most formed roads within the surrounding state forests and national parks. Use the “Find a park or forest” feature on the DNPSR web site for a list of activities permitted at each location

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