Pullen Gap Road closure

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Pullen Gap Road closure

'Road Closed' sign on road through plantation forest

South Queensland

Imbil plantation forest

Pullen Gap Road closure – Imbil plantation forest

The eastern section of Pullen Gap Road (near Pullen Lane) is closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week until Friday 12 November 2021 for harvest and haulage operations.

Signage and barriers are in place to inform road users. These signs apply to all traffic and recreational users including cars, trucks, motorbike, bicycles, horses, permit holders, hikers, photographers, pedestrians and people walking or exercising their dogs.

Please be aware that you may not enter this road at any time until the road works are complete and the signage has been removed.

We recognise that this road is frequently used by local and recreational users, so we will endeavour to keep the closure as brief as possible and re-open the road earlier if possible.

The safety of all road users is important to us and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For further information contact:

Daniel O’Regan
Imbil Office
07 5484 4200