Plantation Closures


Private plantation closure – Mawhinney Logging Area
11 December 2017


From 1 February 2018, HQPlantations will permanently close its private property at Mawhinney Logging Area to the public to address unlawful and inappropriate access and associated damage to the road network and plantation forest.


Mawhinney Logging Area (LA) is freehold land and is not within the adjacent Peachester State Forest or managed under the Plantation Licence from the Queensland Government.


The private plantation road network in Mawhinney LA has been damaged by four wheel drives and motor bikes to the extent that it has become unusable for forest operations or fire management. Without restricting access, repaired roads are unlikely to remain in good condition.


Operational access to the area for fire fighting is critical to ensure proper protection of HQPlantations plantation timber resource, used for local housing construction, and to prevent any fires that might start in Mawhinney LA from spreading to private property or national park.


Rows of pine trees have been destroyed to make numerous illegal recreation tracks which devalues the timber resource and raises potential environmental issues due to erosion and sediment runoff.


Mawhinney LA will be closed to all public access including walking, cycling or horse riding and all motor vehicles (including motor bikes and 4WD) unless the prior written permission of HQPlantations has been obtained.


The rest of the Plantation Licence Area (PLA) will continue to be open to the public for lawful recreation unless otherwise indicated for forest operations.

The PLA encompasses those parts of the Beerburrum plantations that are on State Forest tenure licenced to HQPlantations by the Queensland Government for plantation management. More information including frequently asked questions click here.


The Plantation Licence does not cover HQPlantations private freehold lands.

For further information:

Stephanie Hunt, Community Engagement or 07 5438 6666