Glass House Logging Area Closure

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Glass House Logging Area Closure

A Forwarder picks up and stacks newly harvested Southern Pine Logs

South Queensland

Beerburrum plantation forest

Harvesting closure announcement

Unexpected access issues in other mature stands in the Beerburrum plantation have required us to make a change to the annual harvest plan and bring forward plans to harvest the Glass House Logging Area from the end of the year to this month. This area will now be closed to public access for harvesting from 27 February 2023 to 22 December 2023, however, the length of the closure may vary depending on weather.

The closure applies to the entire Plantation Licence Area from Moffatt Road and Johnston Road to the north, Red Road to the south, Steve Irwin Way to the west and the Bruce Highway to the east as shown on this map of the area. A smaller area immediately north of Johnston Road will also close for a shorter period of time. Neighbours who use these plantation roads for property access may be affected. Access to the Bora Ring during this period will also be affected and HQP is working with First Nations people to accommodate access when needed. We are also working with affected permittees for the entire area.

The gravel section of Rapkins Road through the closure areas will be closed to public access for the duration of the closure. Gazetted roads will remain open and can be used to detour around the closure, except for brief periods of traffic control when harvesting near these roads.

The closure applies to all public access including to motor vehicle drivers and riders, cyclists, horse riders and walkers, including people exercising dogs. Only authorised forest workers can enter the closure area.

Plantation forests are working forests and worksites can be extremely hazardous. Signs are erected for your safety and compliance, and you must never enter a closed area or work site even if you can’t see any activity. Unauthorised access is an offence under the Forestry Act 1959 and Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and significant penalties apply. Back-to-base surveillance will be in place to record and report unauthorised entry.

Hours of operation in compartments adjacent to our neighbours will be confined to 6.00am to 6.00pm, however longer hours of operation may take place in compartments deeper in the closed area and haulage may occur outside these hours. please note, the closure remains in place outside operating hours.

Main haul routes will be along Rapkins Road, Red Road and Johnston Road. Work will commence with 10 loads per day and at its peak may reach up to 40 loads per day along these routes. Haul tracks will includes singles, mini B and B double trucks. The larger trucks require fewer loads to remove the same volume of timber so while bigger, result in fewer truck movements, which is usually more desirable for neighbours.

Neighbours and road users in the area should be alert for heavy vehicles entering and exiting the area and drive cautiously near log trucks ensuring they are driving in a manner that allows them to be seen by drivers.

Most of the area to be harvested was planted from 1994 to 1996 following the historic 1994 Beerburrum fire and has reached maturity. The harvested timber will be transported to a local sawmill where it will be transformed into structural timber used to build Queensland homes and businesses.

All harvested areas will be replanted. HQP raises 10 million seedlings a year to maintain its annual planting program. The new rotation will take another 25 to 30 years to reach maturity, supplying the timber from which our children and grandchildren will build their homes.

During this time, the growing trees will soak up carbon from the atmosphere while the harvested timber will continue to store carbon for the lifetime of the built products. Growing for generations, HQP’s sustainable, renewable forest management is certified to international standards under both Responsible Wood and the Forest Stewardship Council.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact our Beerburrum office on 07 5438 6666 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email