Fire Management


Where are we burning this week

To report an uncontrolled fire – dial 000 immediately


To report arson in progress – dial 000 immediately

To report suspected arson or suspicious behaviour – call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


If you see smoke in our pine or hardwood plantations at any time and you cannot see a fire management presence that may indicate prescribed burning (signs, fire fighters or fire fighting vehicles) please call 000.


Arson is the major cause of most fires in our plantations and we appreciate your help protecting our forests and local communities.


Risk Management

We invest heavily in fire control to protect our plantations, our staff, our neighbours and our local communities from the risk of wildfire. This includes an annual prescribed burning program to reduce risk and operation of approved rural plantation fire brigades supported by a dedicated fleet of specialised fire fighting vehicles operated by trained and accredited staff and contractors.


Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning removes accumulated forest litter (leaves and needles, grass, etc) from the forest floor during primarily the cooler months to reduce fuel for wildfires that may occur during the fire danger period. This is usually in the spring and early summer months when higher temperatures can combine with periods of lower rainfall and humidity.

Prescribed burns are low intensity or cooler fires where flames are kept under strict control (usually less than one metre). These are often undertaken after rain and in conditions where smoke will be blown away from population centres and major roads. Check the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service website or Facebook page for updates on our prescribed burns.


Maps of all prescribed burns being conducted by HQPlantations this year can be found in the regional maps below or you can see where we are burning this week here.


Maps by Regions