Forest management

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The core of our business

We are industry leaders combining on-the-ground expertise with advanced forest management practices, using tools like drones, complex mapping systems, and up-to-the-minute geospatial information you can access in the field.

We are very involved at every stage of the lifecycle of our plantation forests, from research and innovation that goes into improving productivity and enhancing sustainability over time, all the way through to harvest and haulage to our customers to create the timber products Australians love.

A continuous cycle of growth

It's the continuous cycle of growth that makes plantation forest management so sustainable. We never harvest more than we can grow, planting up to 10 million seedlings while only harvesting 2-3% of our plantations each year ensures that we're in a perpetual cycle of growth while meeting customer demand to turn our timber into the wood products you love. That's why wood has gained its reputation as the ultimate renewable.