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Aerial image of the Toolara nursery in surrounding landscape
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Welcome! Drop in and see us, we'd love to meet you

Our head office is in North Lakes, Brisbane, with other offices throughout regional Queensland. Visitors are welcome. We encourage you to visit our offices to meet our friendly people, enquire about our forest management and fire protection plans, and allow us to answer any other questions you have in person. 

Offices in key locations are open to the public Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, subject to the availability of our team. Field offices in other locations are open by appointment only, as our employees are often out of the office.

See our interactive map for more information. Just type in your address to discover the HQP office closest to you. For directions to your nearest office, click on the red location icon.

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How to use this map
  • You can search for an office or any other location by typing a nearby place or address into the search bar, or by just zooming in and out.
  • If you are not sure which is the office closest to you, select the button underneath the search bar enter a place or address and a distance radius and a list of offices within that radius will appear with the closest listed first.
  • If you are using a GPS-enabled device, you can also zoom straight in to your current location by selecting the circle on the left under the home icon.
  • You can also see our plantation forests on this map.
  • Click on any coloured part of the map for more information about a particular plantation forest and its land tenure.
  • There are other features available to see on this map including the locations of our customers, whether there are currently any public access restrictions in our plantation forests or other notifications that may affect you, and where we we are burning this week (in season only). To make these features appear, click on the three layered squares in the very top right hand corner and select the features you would like to see.
  • To see the legend for these new layers on the map, click on the three geometric dots on top of each other near the top right hand corner of the map, beside the layers.
  • You may also wish to view these interactive maps on other pages on this website, which provide more detail on these topics:

        HQP's plantation locations.

        Public access status for all our plantation forests.

        Prescribed burning including our annual burn program.