Environmental management

Employee crouches near water with water monitoring device in native vegetation surrounding a creek near Imbil
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Caring for the environment is deeply rooted in everything we do

We embrace our responsibility to maintain and protect our plantation and custodial forests for a range of environmental, social and economic purposes, preserving them for generations to come.

At HQP we are pioneers in sustainable forestry. We have been growing timber for more than a century and we know the health of our forests is crucial to our long-term success. Our forests – and the wildlife, water and soils within them – must be managed responsibly, so they can continue to provide their full range of benefits for both current and future generations.

Environmental management is deeply rooted in everything that we do and very much at the core of our company. Our commitment to developing and implementing forest management systems, operations and practices consistent with internationally recognised forest stewardship standards is derived from our ethical investors, the community at large and the personal values of each of our employees to do the right thing.

We are custodians of our plantation and native forests. Our native forest buffers provide a range of conservation, community and other values. We actively protect these native forests and never harvest them.

While it's easy to imagine we are solely focused on growing plantation trees, we are also  strongly committed to protecting and enhancing the native forest buffers that weave throughout our plantations and out into other state forests, national parks, defence reserves and private forests. These native forest buffers create wildlife corridors, protect watercourses, act as natural firebreaks and promote biodiversity within our plantations. 

Our team considers their health and protection a priority and undertakes a range of management activities to safeguard these areas, including:

  • prescribed burning to achieve a balance between protecting and enhancing biodiversity values and protecting neighbouring communities and our plantation assets
  • weed and wildling management to maintain the integrity of the native forest
  • regular water quality testing
  • wildlife surveys.

Some of our environmental projects