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Landscape image displaying young and old Southern Pine trees with the young trees at the forefront and the old trees in the background.
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Let us tell you a story about Southern Pine and Araucaria

HQP is the largest plantation grower in Queensland, with almost 200,000 hectares in production.

We manage seed orchards and plantation forests of commercially important subtropical and tropical tree species, including Southern Pine and Araucaria cunninghamii, known commercially as Araucaria or commonly as hoop pine.

Our forest management practices are independently accredited to internationally recognised certification standards, providing customers, stakeholders, neighbours and other forest visitors with the assurance that our forest assets are managed sustainably and responsibly.

Learn more about the species we grow below.

We grow approximately 130,000 hectares of Southern Pine softwood species. Southern Pine collectively refers to improved varieties derived from species native to southern USA and central America. These include:

  • Slash pine – Pinus elliottii var. elliottii (PEE)
  • Caribbean pine – Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis (PCH)
  • Our main species – the PEE x PCH hybrid 
  • Cuban pine – Pinus caribaea var. caribaea (PCC)
  • Loblolly pine – Pinus taeda.

The hybrid combines the best attributes of both species, including slash pine’s excellent straightness, high wood density and tolerance of wetter sites and Caribbean pine’s fast growth, fine branching and evenly textured wood. Windfirm varieties are also being established in areas prone to cyclones.

Southern Pine production 

Southern Pines are grown for 25 to 30 years and have a long term sustainable cut of up to 1.8 million m3 a year, including a commercial thinning. We manage the harvest and processing of the trees into a range of log products that gives the best value recovery from each tree. The various log grades are then sorted and distributed from the forest to our various customers. 

Southern Pine products 

Southern Pine is well respected for its strength and versatility, typically yielding higher proportions of higher structural timber grade in comparison to Pinus radiata

Southern Pine products include:

  • structural timber - framing, flooring and decking, and poles
  • veneers and engineered wood - plywood, cladding
  • high-grade solid sawn timber - furniture and joinery
  • mouldings - architrave and skirting boards
  • particleboard and beams
  • landscaping - fencing rails and posts, rounds and sleepers
  • secondary products - pallets, crates, wood chip and paper. 


Download the Southern Pine fact sheet for a product summary or the overview for more detailed information.