HQP male staff member smiling towards the camera in a Southern Pine clone orchard.
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What's going on here?

While we endeavour to minimise disruption, we acknowledge our forest operations may impact our neighbours, local communities, visitors to our plantations and other road users from time to time. We try to reach out to people who may be affected directly, however this isn't always possible so we also publish notifications with wider impacts here. We appreciate your patience while we go about the business of growing and supplying timber to build local homes and other important products we all use every day.

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How to use this map
  • Click on a notification icon for more information about the impact and dates it will be in effect.
  • You can search for the location of any notifications by typing a nearby place or address into the search bar.
  • If you are using a GPS-enabled device, you can also zoom straight in to your location by selecting the circle on the left under the home icon.
  • Click on any coloured part of the map for more information about a particular plantation forest and its status.
  • There are other features available to see on this map including our office locations, plantation closures and where we are burning this week. To make these features appear, click on the three layered squares in the very top right hand corner of the map and select the features you would like to see.
  • To see the legend for these new layers, click on the legend icon with the three geometric dots besides the layers list on the top right hand side of the map.
  • To see all plantation closures, not just temporary closures related to these notifications, view the plantation closures map or turn on the closures layers on this map.