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Scenic image of the Glasshouse Mountains with mosaic of close-by Southern Pine plantation forest in the foreground
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We are passionate people who care about a sustainable future

We care about our people - for their health and wellbeing, that they feel valued and respected, and ensuring everyday, everyone returns home safe. We care about the Traditional Custodians of the land we now manage, our neighbours and communities, and the people who visit our plantation forests. We care about the environment and sustainable, productive forest management - for you and your children, for our ethical investors and for the future.

As one of the largest plantation growers in Australia, we are genuine stewards of the land and environment that we protect and maintain.

Managing productive, healthy forests in a sustainable way for generations to come is at the heart of everything we do and is critical to our long term success. We conduct our business with this in mind – everyone, from our ethical investors to our passionate employees, customers and contractor partners, is committed to a sustainable future.

Forests are so important to our lives – they purify the air we breathe, soak up and store carbon, filter our water, provide habitat for animals and green spaces for communities to enjoy.

Our continuous cycle of growth ensures these things we value so highly are continually maintained while producing a constant and critical supply of timber for many important products used by everyday Australians. Whether it’s our homes, furniture or other things we make from wood, we can feel good knowing responsibly produced wood is the only truly renewable building material.

We’re not only looking at the bigger picture. We are deeply rooted in regional Queensland, mindful and respectful of our neighbours, supportive of our local communities and contributing to regionally significant economies enhanced by our local customers and contractor partners.

We manage our forests in a sustainable way, minimising disruption and disturbance to land, water, wildlife and communities, and contributing to a better and more sustainable world for everyone.

We invite you to read our Forest Stewardship Plan for a summary of our current activities.

Our vision

Our vision is to create and sustain plantation value and security for generations. To achieve this, we will work together with our business partners to safely and innovatively maximise enduring plantation forest production and forest values on behalf of our investors.

The vision for our business is built on seven strategic pillars. 

  • Safe workplace – a proactive and integrated safety culture that ensures everyday, everyone returns home safe.
  • One HQPlantations – we are one team with a consistent approach sharing a growing together culture in our business and with our business partners. 
  • Innovation – we embrace and implement new ideas and technology, and challenge ourselves to continually improve. 
  • Business excellence – we achieve quality outcomes and expect high standards are achieved through effective governance, sound risk management, customer satisfaction, adding value and eliminating waste. 
  • Resource endurance – we protect our plantation assets and ensure resource certainty and suitability. 
  • Sustainable cash flows – we effectively deploy funds, maximise forest revenues, and support customer and market development. 
  • Environment and communities – we maintain our social license to operate through effective community engagement, managing our landscapes with integrity, and forging strategic alliances with key stakeholders.

Read the OneHQP 2025 Strategic Plan to learn more about the strategic objectives that will guide our direction and focus over the next four years. OneHQP 2025 is the outcome of an extensive planning process involving all our employees.

Who owns HQPlantations? 

We are an Australian company operating in Queensland, where our people live and work locally. In fact, many of us worked in these same plantations prior to their acquisition by HQP from the Queensland Government in 2010. 

We are owned by ethical investors, mainly superannuation and pension funds, from Australia and all around the world. Manulife Investment Management's timberland group, based in the USA, provides management services on their behalf. Our investors are represented by board members from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.