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We collect more than a tonne of seed every year from our 15 seed orchards, strategically positioned throughout Queensland.

Each of the 10 million seedlings we grow annually are sourced from these seed orchards, which are home to the most outstanding trees with the most highly desired growth and wood properties from our long term tree improvement program.  We also sell seed to many tropical and subtropical countries around the world.

Established in 1972, our Toolara nursery provides all the Araucaria and Southern Pine planting stock for our replanting operations across Queensland. The nursery, accredited under the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia, adopts best practice to ensure quality control and crop hygiene, particularly disease, pest and weed control, and nursery hygiene.

Southern Pine seedlings are grown in the nursery for nine months. Araucaria seedlings remain in the nursery for up to 18 months.

Prior to dispatch, seedlings are prepared for the harsher field conditions by being moved in full sun and reducing the amount of irrigation each plant receives. Seedlings are sorted prior to being dispatched, so only plants that have a strong root system, a sturdy stem with minimum diameter and height requirements specific to each species are dispatched. These seedlings are transported in their trays to planting contractors in the forest.

Our nursery is committed to creating a sustainable and green facility by thoughtfully implementing innovations such as:

  • state-of-the-art irrigation systems to ensure responsible water usage
  • powering the nursery’s energy needs from solar
  • using locally composted potting mix which is made from bark from our own plantations.