Aerial image of a Hoop Pine plantation forest

We grow more than 40,000 hectares of Araucaria (Araucaria cunninghamii or hoop pine), one of the few endemic rainforest species that has been successfully domesticated for timber production.

Over 50 years of genetic improvement through selective breeding, in combination with high stocking and pruning silviculture regimes, result in a highly desirable, aesthetically pleasing knot-free high-strength timber. Araucaria is drought, pest and disease-resistant, but is susceptible to fire, requiring careful management of rainforest buffers for protection. 

Araucaria production

Araucaria is generally grown for 40 to 50 years, and has a long-term sustainable cut of 450,000 m3 per annum. We manage the harvest and processing of the trees into a range of log products that give the best value recovery from each tree. The various log grades are then sorted and distributed from the forest to our various customers. 

Araucaria products

Araucaria is versatile and beautiful, ideal for appearance-grade applications. It has fine grain and texture, even colour and is easily painted or stained. Araucaria also has exceptional structural properties such as superior strength to weight ratios and dimensional stability. 

Araucaria products include:

  • high-grade solid sawn clearwood - floorboards, joinery and furniture
  • structural timber - framing and internal and external beams
  • veneers and engineered wood - plywood
  • mouldings - architrave and skirting boards
  • specialty products - musical instruments and boat manufacture.

Araucaria is also a food-grade timber, with no odour, saps or resins, ideal for items like ice-cream sticks, toys and baby cots.


Download the Araucaria fact sheet for a product summary or the overview for more detailed information.