Keeping count of the trees

The resources group ensures the management of our long-term resource planning, as well as the development of decision support systems, spatial resource information and tactical harvest planning functions to support the achievement of our commercial goals. 

Geospatial provides comprehensive access to geospatial mapping interfaces and products, maintains HQP’s Spatial Datasets, collates relevant third party data sets and supports our staff with any spatial analysis and mapping needs. 

Resource planning ensures that appropriate forest resource information is made available to support strategic, tactical and operational planning processes. This unit is also responsible for generating long-term plans, overseeing our valuation process and providing supporting analysis of forest resources for various business units. 

Resource systems builds and maintains the Plantation Decision Support Systems that underpin the strategic, tactical and operational planning processes. 

Resource valuation provides investment analysis to guide acquisitions, dispositions and the value impacts of changing business practices. Also provides timber and financial market intelligence to support strategic and operational decision making processes and key financial analyses and reporting. 

Employees in the resources group have a variety of educational backgrounds, including degrees and diplomas in forestry and environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, computer science and GIS or cartography.

The best part of my job is trialling new technology and working with mathematicians to work out how to use that technology to model forest growth going forward. It’s very varied and extremely challenging work and that’s what I like about it.

Lee Stamm, Resource Planning Manager