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Community and Recreation


HQPlantations manages plantations in State Forests and on freehold land owned by the company. In most cases, the plantations in State Forests continue to be open to the public for responsible recreation. Permits are required for any commercial activities (which includes filming and photography) as well as for competitive events and group activities.


Recreation on freehold land owned by HQPlantations is generally not allowed without written permission. To request permission, send an email to 


What is responsible recreation?


Responsible recreation is safe, lawful, and socially and environmentally sustainable. Here are a few tips so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable visit.


Play it safe

  • Be alert for logging trucks and understand they can’t stop or manoeuvre quickly.

  • Obey all forest management signs and road signs, turn around when indicated.

  • Do not enter an active harvesting site for any reason, even if you can’t see any machinery operating.

  • Drive to the conditions, many plantations roads are not gazetted roads and are only maintained for forestry operations.


Road rules apply

  • Vehicles must be registered and roadworthy and you must be licensed to drive or ride them in the plantations.

  • Hooning may result in your vehicle being impounded.

  • Stay on formed roads, off-road driving and creating trails is against the law.


Be fire safe

  • Stay out of the plantations in periods of extremely high fire danger.

  • Don’t block roads or fire breaks, park off to the side.

  • Do not camp in the plantations, there are usually official camping areas nearby.

  • Do not light fires or dispose of matches or cigarettes in the plantations.

  • Report forest fires and suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Show consideration for others

  • Be considerate of our neighbours, especially early in the morning and late at night or when it is dry and dusty.

  • Be considerate of other forest users, especially those involved in non-motorised recreation.

  • Don’t vandalise or remove signs, gates or fences and don’t interfere with apiary sites or grazing stock.

  • Don’t cut down or damage trees, including using them as leverage for winching.

  • Do not drive through mud or through large puddles, this causes damage to our roads and environmental problems for the local water catchment.

  • Please don’t litter, dispose of your rubbish at home or at the tip.


For more information about popular recreation activities, download a fact sheet:
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