Harvesting and Haul Operations


Beerburrum thinning operation – Compartment 214 Burrum (UPDATED)
2 October 2019


HQPlantations will be thinning compartment 214 Burrum, south west of the Beerburrum township adjacent to Cobb and Co Drive, from now until advised, weather permitting.


Thinning is a routine forestry practice undertaken approximately half way through a crop rotation (the lifecycle), where approximately half of the trees are removed evenly throughout the compartment. It is carried out to improve the growing conditions and timber quality for the remaining trees through to maturity.


This compartment was planted in May 1998, and is scheduled to be completely harvested in 2026. Once this occurs, the compartment will be cleared of harvest debris and replanted to repeat the growing cycle, typically within a year.


We have taken the following steps to reduce the impact of the thinning operation on neighbours as much as possible:

  • Where weather and ground conditions allow, harvesting will commence furthest from town (approx. 2km away) and will work eastward. By taking the trees closest to homes last, we hope this will reduce noise.

  • Harvesting will only take place Monday to Friday and won’t commence before 7am or continue past 10pm, however there may be some limited vehicle movements before or after these times.

  • Only three to five loads will be removed each day and loaded trucks will exit on tracks further away from neighbours.

  • Truck drivers have been asked to limit speed, noise and dust in proximity to residential areas.


For safety, access to the eastern most track bordering Cobb and Co Drive may be restricted for a short period when we are harvesting in that immediate area.


Following thinning operations, some track and road repairs may be required to reinstate drainage and restore access to facilitate ongoing plantation and fire management.


Timber produced from this thinning operation supplies local sawmills. All harvesting and haulage will be undertaken by local contractors, providing local employment.

For further information contact:

Beerburrum office

07 5438 6666 or email



Harvesting in Kalpowar State Forest
7 February 2019


Harvesting and haulage of Araucaria area will continue throughout 2019 at the Kalpowar Plantation area. Harvest operations are undertaken in a sustainable manner in accordance with our forest management system which is independently audited by Responsible Wood and Forest Stewardship Council Certification systems. Planting and other re-establishment activities will also occur at Kalpowar Plantation area in 2019.


Access to plantation areas within Kalpowar where these activities are occurring may be restricted from time to time for safety reasons.

For further information contact:

Steve Watson

District Manager Central Queensland

07 4837 4102



Plantation harvesting stage 2 near Charlie Moreland Park

UPDATE: 8 July 2019

Little Yabba and Piccabeen walking circuit closures

Closed from August 2019

Parts of Little Yabba and Piccabeen walking circuits, near Charlie Moreland camping area will be temporarily closed from late July/August 2019 while nearby Araucaria (hoop pine) plantation is harvested and replanted. This is the second part of a staged harvesting and summer replanting that is taking place over two years.  


HQPlantations recognises the social, recreational and commercial contribution the Araucaria plantations provide for the region, and will continue to implement strategies developed in the 1990’s that conserves and encourages regeneration of the rainforest ecosystem along Little Yabba Creek. 


To maintain the campground and walking circuit outlook during harvesting and replanting, a buffer of Araucaria plantation and associated rainforest understorey will be retained along Little Yabba Creek.


The Charlie Moreland campground will be unaffected by the closure, however visitors to the area are advised to obey all access restrictions and signage and to be alert for increased heavy vehicle traffic on Sunday Creek Road.


Refer here for further information on the harvesting and re-establishment operations.


For further information:

HQPlantations Imbil or 07 5484 4200



Harvesting to continue in the Ringtail Plantation area
23 July 2018

Harvesting of softwood plantations within the Ringtail Plantation Area will recommence in late July 2018 as part of an initiative to transition the current commercial forest managed under Plantation licence by HQPlantations to conservation tenure.  The project is a unique and collaborative initiative that brings together HQPlantations, Noosa Shire Council,  Noosa Parks Association and the Queensland Government to achieve mutually beneficial conservation outcomes. 


HQPlantations will progressively harvest the pine plantations in accordance with its internationally recognised FSC and Responsible Wood sustainable forest management practices that ensure native vegetation, waterways and wildlife values are protected.  Hardwood plantations will not be harvested and understory native vegetation will be protected where possible. 


Visitors are reminded that this forest will continue to be managed as a commercial plantation during the transition period.  To ensure public safety, access to harvest sites will be restricted. 


HQPlantations are committed to minimising impacts on our neighbours, and therefore harvest and haulage operations are targeting working hours of between 6am and 6pm.


For further information:

John Comiskey, Lead Forester or 07 5488 2123



UPDATE: HQPlantations Byfield recovery operations
15 December 2017


Recovery harvesting and plantation establishment operations in the Byfield area is proceeding well and will continue indefinitely. The Byfield plantation in the Capricorn Coast area remains closed to the public while these recovery operations are in progress.


Harvest and haulage operations are still underway in the following areas:


  • Rockhampton Yeppoon Road

  • Byfield Road

  • In the vicinity of Byfield Township

  • Water Park Creek Road, including across the Water Park Creek Causeway

  • In the vicinity of Water Park Creek QPWS camping area

  • Five Rocks Road (leading to Five Rocks QPWS camping area)

  • Sandy Creek Road.


Drivers should take care on public thoroughfares as B-double timber trucks, gravel trucks, graders, associated harvesting machinery, heavy support vehicles and teams of tree planters use these roads at varying times of the day and night.


HQPlantations manages 12,000 hectares of plantation in the area and our key priority is the safety of staff, contractors and the general public. We seek the public’s cooperation in complying with these closures to ensure the safety of all involved in the recovery program.


Enquiries can be directed to:
Amanda Farrell
07 4837 4110



Harvesting Closure near Beerwah Cemetery
24 January 2017


HQPlantations has now closed the pine plantation compartments between Mawsons Road and the Beerwah Cemetery.


The area will be closed to public access for approximately two years to enable the safe completion of harvesting, site preparation and replanting.


Fencing has been erected, video surveillance has been installed and regular security patrols are being performed to ensure the work site remains safe during the closure.

Closed areas. See full version of closure sign here.


Access to the Beerwah Cemetery will not be impacted during this period, however, visitors are advised to be alert for heavy machinery and logging trucks operating in the area.


The rest of the Beerburrum plantation continues to be open to licensed drivers with registered vehicles operating on formed roads unless signage in other harvesting areas indicates otherwise.


For further information please call
HQPlantations Beerburrum Office
Stephanie Hunt, Community Engagement Manager  or 07 5438 6666

HQPlantations Pty Ltd


​Telephone : ​07 3882 8203

Email :