Road Closures
Bridge Closures Beerburrum

17 April 2019

With immediate effect the following bridges are closed till further notice:

  • Husseys Road Cpt 206 Glasshouse (East of Rapkins Road)

  • BCC 266 Cpts 205-206 Donnybrook (South of Murphy’s Road)

See maps below for alternate routes.

If you have any questions please contact Beerburrum Office on 5438 6666

Husseys Road Glasshouse LA Alternate Acc
Donnybrook 205-206 Alternate Access Rout


Cardwell Road closure
27 June 2017


The continuation road of The Cardwell forest drive to the North of the Spa Pools, also known as the “Milk Run” is closed due to re-forestation activities, the road closure is to ensure public safety during the planned re-establishment activities following TC Yasi.

Access to plantation areas within the Glenbora logging area will be restricted from the 26th of June until advised.

For further information contact:
Craig Armstrong
07 4776 2777

HQPlantations Pty Ltd


​Telephone : ​07 3882 8203

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