Our commitment to good forest stewardship is built upon the values of our investors, customers, the community and our employees.


We are proud of our independently certified forest management system, which provides the basis for our environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.


Read more about our commitment to good stewardship in our Stewardship Policy and our Forest Stewardship Plan.


Forest Management Certification 

Our forest management practices are independently accredited to internationally recognised certification standards providing customers, stakeholders, neighbours and other forest visitors with the assurance that our forest assets are managed sustainably with regard to economic, environmental, social and cultural requirements.


These certification systems are Responsible Wood (previously the Australian Forestry Standard) and Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC-C107541).

For more information about our Responsible Wood certification, see a copy of our Statement of Certification. Summaries of audit reports related to our current certification period can be found here:

For more information about our FSC ® certification, see a copy of our FSC Statement of Certification. Our latest audit report is available on the FSC ® website.

Defined forest areas

The Defined Forest Area (DFA) that HQPlantations manages totals 321,849 ha (as at 30 June 2020) and comprises 299,195 ha Plantation Licence land, 17,370 ha freehold land and 5,238 ha of land rental/joint venture arrangements. The DFA includes both plantation production lands (61%) and custodial and infrastructure lands (39%). The location of the defined forest areas are displayed below, along with pdf files listing the range of plantation compartment numbers contained within each forest in the defined forest area.


Maps and Compartment Files

Defined Forest Area Index Map


Inland and North Queensland

Burnett Downs

Mary Valley


Coastal and Central

Central Queensland

Fraser Coast North

Fraser Coast South